Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breaking the silence.

So yes. I'm breaking the silence of being too busy to update.

Here we go:
I'm working on the revised background for my Dark Angels Successor Chapter(which has actually been renamed to "Order of the Grey Blade", and will mostly be a Deathwing styled force--of course, their version of the Deathwing is called "The Seneschals" which will be using the standard Dark Angels iconography. I don't know what it is, but I really like that icon of the winged blade!) and have started on the Venerable Dreadnought.

Here's where you lot come in:
What should he be posed standing triumphant over? An Ork Killa Kan? An Ork Deff Dread's battered and fractured faceplate with an Ork corpse laying nearby?

Or a Carnifex, broken and cast down as the damned Xenos it is?

Bear in mind: This will have repercussions on how the army's background will be designed--and even impact the background of the Cadian 82nd Special Tasks Group! They're going to be linked together quite nicely, and I hope to have a readable background done before July.

If Orks, the jist of it will be:
The Alpha Legion and a warband of The Fallen have been operating in conjunction towards the Cadian Gate, destabilizing systems and their governments before an Ork Waagh! hits them. The Order and the 82nd STG find themselves in a situation where they've got an unlikely chance to bring down an Ork Warboss before he becomes too powerful--and a chance to get at the renegade Astartes prodding him forward.

Tyranids are still a WIP.

Hope you enjoyed the update!

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